Air Freight

Our comprehensive range of time-definite, guaranteed, and cost-saving options enables us to meet your air freight requirements with confidence and reliability.

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Sea Freight

Through our extensive agency network we provide a full array of global freight services. We can handle almost any size shipments, from LCL to FCL and oversized cargoes.

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To manage your domestic and international shipments, we provide high calibre, reliable ground transportation to ensure on-time performance and world-class service.

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We are engaged in inbound logistics, distribution and aftermarket services that helps us in managing our customers' inventories in an efficient manner.

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We provide complete and accurate shipment information at the right time to the right government agencies, which minimizes the risks associated with moving freight across the world.

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Project Cargo

Our customized solution for movement of project cargoes involving chartering option offers global coverage, managed cost and reliance project continuity.

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Flexibility is a vital component of all our offerings, express service is no different. Express services is for time sensitive parcels. We respond to your changing requirements and create solutions that fit your budget.

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We offer two services in e-commerce vertical, fulfilment and Shop & Ship. These services are backed-up by a robust state of the art software which ensures accurate and speedy order processing at attractive prices.

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Special Services

Why Choose Us? Here are few reasons to choose us as your Logistics Partner

Trusted Partner

Our value proposition is based on the assurance we give to our customers in managing all aspects of their business needs. When customers choose us, they have the confidence of knowing they are associated with a trusted partner with a proven competency in logistics domain.

Personalized Service

Exceeding the expectation of our customers is the benchmark of our success.It begins by offering personalized service to our customers, by listening and understanding the changing requirements of their supply chain, and consistently delivering solutions that drive positive bottom-line results.

Flexible Solutions

Today’s business scenario requires logistics solutions that are both versatile and flexible, and produce the efficiency and cost benefits that satisfy the customers of all class. Keeping this in mind, we offer solutions to our Customers that are both efficient and economical.

Domain Expertize

Domestic or International, our experienced management team and dedicated staff of professionals knows how to get it done at maximum efficiency. Our team has two decades of logistics and supply chain expertise, giving our customer peace of mind at all times.


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do handle Dangerous Goods. Check with our DG Desk for more details.

Most payments are made by wire transfer, direct bank deposit, Cheque or Credit Card. Cash terms Customers has to make the payment upfront prior BL or shipment release

Yes, we have an exclusive team for project cargo handling having expertize
in handling various projects.

Air freight is based on both the actual weight and chargeable weight of the
cargo. Chargeable weight is calculated using a formula including all three
dimensions, i.e. length x width x height. IATA regulations state that the
cost of air freight must be calculated on the chargeable weight. Chargeable
weight is the actual gross weight or the volume weight, whichever is
greater. If you have oversized cargo or require any special handling
additional rates will apply.

An incoterm is one of the commercial terms published by the International
Chamber of Commerce used in international commercial transactions. A series
of three-letter trade terms related to common sales practices. INCOTerms
are intended primarily to clearly communicate the tasks, costs, and risks
associated with the transportation and delivery of goods. There are 11
INCOTERMS in total.

You would need to fill our credit application form and supply all necessary
information. Once a credit check has been performed and credit is approved,
you would be granted the appropriate credit limit and payment terms.

No. We ship ONLY commercial cargo NOT personal items & household good. You
would need to contact a relocation company.

Yes, air freight is based on both the actual weight and chargeable weight of
the cargo.

This varies depending on the airline so please check with our Customer
Service team As a rule of thumb, maximum normal cargo dimensions: 120x80x60in.
As the weight and size increase so will the cost. If your cargo is oversized
or requires special handling, ask us about special rates.

Yes, we require full-style address and contact information in order to make
arrangements for pickup and delivery.

Contact us now to get quote for all your global shipping needs.