International Car Shipping

Shipping cars in Containers is one of our premium service managed by our Project Management Team. We offer professional services in Shipping Vehicles in and out of US & UK.

In this segment of ours, it is important to gain Customer confidence by letting them know that all vehicles are securely blocked, braced, and tied down ensuring complete security during transportation. Our Project Management will take utmost care ensuring safe and secure loading of cars in containers.

We offer great shipping rates to and from all major Ports and comply with all import/export regulations and customs formalities so that you can make right choice while shipping your car Internationally.

Car Shipping
International Shipping


Great precautions are taken to safely load your car so that it remains well secured for the duration of shipment and does not move within the container either while at sea or being loaded and unloaded from the ship.

At our loading facility your car is driven into the container all four wheels are safely positioned and chocked. Wheel chocks can be made from either metal or wood and when in place are screwed down to the floor of the container.

Once the wheels are chocked, padded ratchet straps are used to lash the wheels to the containers built in securing eyelets located in each corner to ensure that your car cannot move during transit.

If the nature of your vehicle means that it may not be appropriate or perhaps possible to secure straps around the wheels, the vehicles front and rear towing eyelets can be used to lash your car securely in the container.

International Car shipping
International Shipping

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do handle Dangerous Goods. Check with our DG Desk for more details.

Most payments are made by wire transfer, direct bank deposit, Cheque or Credit Card. Cash terms Customers has to make the payment upfront prior BL or shipment release

Yes, we have an exclusive team for project cargo handling having expertize
in handling various projects.

Air freight is based on both the actual weight and chargeable weight of the
cargo. Chargeable weight is calculated using a formula including all three
dimensions, i.e. length x width x height. IATA regulations state that the
cost of air freight must be calculated on the chargeable weight. Chargeable
weight is the actual gross weight or the volume weight, whichever is
greater. If you have oversized cargo or require any special handling
additional rates will apply.

An incoterm is one of the commercial terms published by the International
Chamber of Commerce used in international commercial transactions. A series
of three-letter trade terms related to common sales practices. INCOTerms
are intended primarily to clearly communicate the tasks, costs, and risks
associated with the transportation and delivery of goods. There are 11
INCOTERMS in total.

You would need to fill our credit application form and supply all necessary
information. Once a credit check has been performed and credit is approved,
you would be granted the appropriate credit limit and payment terms.

No. We ship ONLY commercial cargo NOT personal items & household good. You
would need to contact a relocation company.

Yes, air freight is based on both the actual weight and changeable weight of
the cargo.

This varies depending on the airline so please check with our Customer
Service team As a rule of thumb, maximum normal cargo dimensions: 120x80x60in.
As the weight and size increase so will the cost. If your cargo is oversized
or requires special handling, ask us about special rates.

Yes, we require full-style address and contact information in order to make
arrangements for pickup and delivery.